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Danas: Kevin Billington – The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970)

Danas, 13. sječnja s pocetkom u 20.30 h u prostorijama Kino kluba Split (Ulica slobode 28, ex. Savska BB – Dom mladih) možete prisustvovati drugoj projekciji iz ciklusa AFTER THE WAVE: LOST AND FORGOTTEN BRITISH CINEMA OF THE SEVENTIES. Radi se o filmu The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer iz 1970. britanskog redateljskog veterana Kevina Billingtona. Projekcije petkom u Kino klubu su edukativnog karaktera, organizirane za članove i sve koji žele prisustvovati. Ulaz je besplatan, svi su dobrodošli…



The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer is comedy and comedy, a quirky skewering of sex, the advertsing business, media, politics, the clergy, ale and you name it and featuring a motley array of talents – we’ll name them: Bedazzled and Beyond the Fringe’s Peter Cook, Monty Pythonites John Cleese and Graham Chapman, ever-reliable comedy veterans Denholm Elliott and Dennis Price, playwright Harold Pinter and more. At the center of the gleeful goings-on is Rimmer (Cook), who begins a career at a marketing research firm and manipulates his way into upward mobility. He gets the girl. He gets the wealth and acclaim. He gets the presidency of England, a position created just for him. You get the laughs. If offbeat British ’60s-era fare is your cuppa, drink up;


…and beware…

“When fine society sits down to dine, someone is pissing in the wine.”