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Projekcija: Sogo Ishii – Bakuretsu toshi (Grad eksplodira; 1982)

U petak 10. veljače s pocetkom u 20.30 h možete prisustvovati prvoj projekciji iz trotjednog ciklusa Japanese Cyberpunk Cinema. Radi se o filmu Bakuretsu toshi (Grad eksplodira; 1982) redatelja Sogo Ishiia. Sogo Ishii je ovaj radikalni eksperiment zamislio kao distopijski punk rock mjuzikl s komercijalnom akcijskom pozadinom. Projekcije petkom u Kino klubu su edukativnog karaktera, organizirane za članove i sve koji žele prisustvovati. Ulaz je besplatan, svi su dobrodošli…

Japanese Cyberpunk Cinema

Japanese Cyberpunk is a genre of underground film produced in Japan starting in the 1980s. It bears some resemblance to the high-tech and scientific Cyberpunk as understood in the West, however differs in its representation of industrial and metallic imagery and an incomprehensible narrative. Japanese Cyberpunk generally involves the characters, especially the protagonist, going through monstrous, incomprehensible metamorphoses in an industrial setting. Many of these films have scenes that fall into the experimental film genre; they often involve purely abstract or visual sequences that may or may not relate to the characters and plot. Recurring themes include: mutation, technology, dehumanization, repression and sexual deviance. (wikipedia)…

Sogo Ishii – Bakuretsu toshi (1982)

Without the work of Sogo Ishii there would be no Takashi Miike or Shinya Tsukamoto. That becomes quite clear in the opening minutes of Burst City. The hyper-kinetic beginning of the film with its lightning fast editing and violent images together with the use of music were obvious influences on Miike’s Dead or Alive and Blues Harp as well as a number of other films. And the camera-work, use of black and white photography and cyberpunk imagery were later recycled in Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo films as well as Snake of June. What plot here is follows groups of rival biker gangs in a dystopian future who are attempting to rebel against the construction of a massive power plant in “their” part of Tokyo.

Trajanje: 115 minuta
Država: Japan
Jezik: japanski (engleski titlovi)
Tehnika: kolor/crno – bijelo

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